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Project Description

The AXML Code Generator is a project to automatically create C# code from an android view designer (AXML) file, which contains variables for all controls on the selected view.


Normally, to use a control like a button in your C# code (for android development), you have to find it in the resources with following code:

// Get our button from the layout resource
Button button = FindViewById<Button>(Resource.Id.MyButton);
This is very cumbersome and could be done automatically. And this is what the AXML Code Generator does.

How AXML Code Generator works!

AXML Code Generator Flowchart
  1. First you have to design your GUI in a gui designer like DroidDraw
  2. This will generate an AXML file and maybe an Java Class file
  3. Now you can generate a C# file with all the resource bindings for your project from the AXML
  4. Include the generated C# file into your project and use the benefits of intellisense!


Simple GUI Example

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